• We are called to be imitators of Christ,

    in life and in marriage.

  • What does the ideal marriage look like?

    In the Bible, marriage is referred to quite often. And, in one of the most quoted passages about marriage, Paul urges the Ephesians to live a certain way as husbands and wives. He compares a strong marriage to the connection God has with his Church, the "bride."


    Want to experience a marriage based on the relationship between Christ and the Church?

    Read Married to Jesus to learn more.

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    "Married to Jesus"


    “Everyone on the planet should read this book!”

    Ted Griffin, host of Life Today
    KGFT-FM, Colorado Springs


    "If you want to experience a better Christian marriage and build a foundation based on the relationship between Christ and his church, then read Married to Jesus"

    Venice Kichura, About.com


    “White gives practical advice, not in a how-to approach, but instead through anecdotal references to which readers can relate.”

    Keri Mitchell, Advocate Magazine



    "[Matt] calls us not only to invite Jesus into our marriages but to allow Jesus to love through us."

    Joe Coffey, Lead Pastor
    Christ Community Chapel
    Hudson, Ohio


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